Stationery & Accessories

Find all of our one-of-a-kind stationery and disco ball products here!

We are a husband and wife duo that started Penelope and Co out of our 1 bedroom apartment. We decided to name this business after our pup, Penelope.🐢
Our dog, Penny, has been there for us through some of our most amazing and most challenging times. When life gets hard, she’s always there to provide a smile (and maybe a lick or two). πŸ˜‰ Our goal is for Penelope and Co to provide the same happiness to you that our pup does for us.
We are based out of Dallas, TX and love spending our free time doodling, watching our favorite shows, playing with Penny and hanging with family. We are huge beach lovers and the ultimate explorers.✈️✨
Together we enjoy creating, designing, crafting and bringing joy to people's lives. This small side business has turned into a passion that we LOVE. Thanks for checking us out, and as always - thank you for the support. xoxo Paige, Marcus and Penelope πŸ’•

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